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A registered charity supporting recreational, social, cultural and environmental activities that enhance the Waskesiu experience

Existing Point View picnic site fireplace

New surface with blue pickle ball lines added to tennis courts

South Bay example of outlying area camp kitchen

Quick Facts:

  • The Waskesiu Foundation, the Waskesiu Community Council, the Waskesiu Recreation Association,  the Waskesiu Chamber of Commerce and Parks Canada Agency all support this not-for-profit initiative;
  • Revenues from the mini-golf will be shared between donations to the Waskesiu Foundation and improved recreational programs/facilities by the Waskesiu Recreational Association, including the mid to longer- term projects listed;
  • Renewing Waskesiu's recreation facilities is an integral part of Waskesiu’s Vision 2020 & Beyond  Community Action Plan;
  • Fundraising efforts are  well underway with over $250,000 already committed (as of December, 2015);
  • A charitable receipt will be provided for donations of $25 or more;
  • All donors will be recognized.

The mini-golf course will contribute to the Waskesiu experience.

Net profits generated will be shared between donations to the Waskesiu Foundation and improved recreational programs and facilities by the Waskesiu Recreational  Association, including mid to longer-term projects listed here.

Waskesiu Recreation Renewal

Recreation facilities are one of the cornerstones of the Waskesiu experience. The Waskesiu Foundation, with support from the Waskesiu Community Council, in conjunction with the Waskesiu Recreation Association, the Waskesiu Chamber of Commerce and Parks Canada Agency, are working collaboratively to revitalize Waskesiu’s recreation facilities.

This exciting project includes:

Short term:

  • Refurbishing and relocating the dilapidated multi-use sport court
  • Installing a new, nature themed 18 hole mini-golf course reflecting the unique character of the Waskesiu townsite and Prince Albert National Park
  • Installing a large sign at the corner of Montreal Drive and Waskesiu Drive to better promote Waskesiu's recreation facilities and programs
  • Converting an existing tennis court to a pickle ball court
  • Refurbishing the horseshoe pits and shuffleboard area

Mid to longer-term:

  • Replacing/installing benches around the recreation grounds
  • Installing a toddler play structure
  • Repairing and renovating the existing recreation building (located near the tennis courts)
  • Repairing and upgrading the Paul Horne arena for year round use

What’s already been done?

  • Conceptual designs for the mini-golf course and sport court locations
  • Contractor for the mini-golf facility, Harris Miniature Golf Course Inc., was secured through a competitive selection process
  • Support received from Parks Canada Agency, the Waskesiu Community Council, and the
    Waskesiu Foundation
  •  'Major Donor' (contributions over $5,000) fundraising efforts initiated

Phased approach - next steps:

  1. 'Major Donor' Fundraising (Continues Summer 2016)
  2. General Public Fundraising (To follow)

Why renew Waskesiu's aging recreation facilities?

  • Improves the recreational offering, and reinforces Waskesiu as Saskatchewan's premiere family
    vacation destination

  • Advances Waskesiu's Vision 2020 & Beyond process and Community Action Plan
  • Provides an important new revenue stream. Revenue will be shared between donations to the Waskesiu Foundation and improved recreational programs/facilities by the Waskesiu Recreation Association, including the mid to longer term projects included listed above
  • The new mini-golf course and upgraded sport court facilities will:
    • be visually appealing, safe and available to all ages and levels of fitness
    • be wheelchair accessible
    • provide activities that residents and visitors can enjoy anytime, including during evenings and on "non-beach/lake days"
  • Improved recreation facilities help provide economic benefit to business operators within the Waskesiu townsite and supports Parks Canada’s mandate to increase visitation and revenue

How will this project become a reality?

  • Preliminary estimated cost for short-term projects: $475,000
  • Fundraising efforts have begun with over $250,000 committed as of December 2015
  • A fundraising campaign to attract 'Major Donors' ($5,000 and over) is now underway; your support is needed
  • A robust donor recognition framework includes various benefits

Want more information? Please
contact us and we will be happy to discuss our projects with you. 

Point View Picnic Site Upgrade

The Point View picnic site is located on the shoreline of Waskesiu Lake, just west of the Marina. The Waskesiu Foundation is upgrading the stand-alone stone fireplace at the Point View picnic site with a new, full-sized 12 ft.  X 24 ft. camp kitchen that will preserve the stone fireplace.

The new camp kitchen, with a forest green metal roof will have a look similar to the camp kitchens at Birch Bay, South Bay and Paignton Beach.

The restoration is being sponsored by the Jones and Davidson families in memory of their
Vic and Pearl Davidson. The target for completion is fall 2016.

Narrows Day Use Area New Camp Kitchen

The camp kitchen at the Narrows is in a low, wet location and is in need of replacing. The Waskesiu Foundation, in partnership with Parks Canada, is constructing a new, full-sized 12 ft.  X 24 ft. camp kitchen on higher ground near the existing camp kitchen, which will then be decommissioned. 

The new camp kitchen, with a forest green metal roof will  be complementary in appearance with  the camp kitchens at the outlying picnic sites around Waskesiu Lake.

The camp kitchen is being sponsored by the Roy family in memory of their son, brother, and uncle, Chris. The camp kitchen will be built at the same time as the Point View camp kitchen in fall 2016.

​When Point View and Narrows camp kitchens are completed, every camp kitchen in the townsite and around Waskesiu Lake will have been refurbished or built new, thanks to the community's generosity.

Tennis Court Resurfacing

Thanks to a generous donation from Gordon Rawlinson and family, the tennis court surfaces were cleaned, repaired, and  repainted in June 2016. Secondary lines were added to courts 5 and 6 to facilitate playing pickle ball, which completes one of the Recreation Area Renewal project deliverables. Work was completed in time for the Saskatchewan Tennis Association to use all courts in time for their tournament on June 16-17. There was nothing but positive remarks regarding the courts' appearance and function.

Fans for the Community Hall

Ventilation was improved in the Community Hall with the addition of five whisper quiet ceiling fans. Installation was completed in June 2016, making the Community Hall ready for the summer. There are now  five 52-inch whisper quiet ceiling fans added, three across the front and two down the middle.The existing fan at the back of the hall was retained.

Whisper Quiet ceiling fans for Community Hall

Current Projects