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A registered charity supporting recreational, social, cultural and environmental activities that enhance the Waskesiu experience

Quick Facts

The project is supported by the Waskesiu Foundation, Waskesiu Recreation Association, Waskesiu Community Council, Waskesiu Chamber of Commerce, and Parks Canada Agency.​ A portion of revenues will be donated to the Waskesiu Foundation, and the balance will be used to fund improved recreational programs and facilities in Waskesiu.

Renewing and improving Waskesiu's recreation facilities is an integral part of Waskesiu community's "Vision 2020 and Beyond"

​​Reflecting Waskesiu and Prince Albert National Park

The design of the mini-golf course reflects natural, historic and cultural themes, and the iconic treasures we know and love in and around Waskesiu and Prince Albert National Park. Check out our photo gallery!

Step up to hole #1 and to deal with a recognizable rise and a Lobstick tree in the middle! Or navigate your ball around a family of loons or recreated natural challenges like the Waskesiu River riffle, Bagwa-Lily-Clare canoe route or water, snow, beaches and beaver dams. There's lots to discover!

Little AL's Mini Golf

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Open Daily in the Summer!

Hours 9 am to dusk

1500 Montreal Drive, Waskesiu Lake

Additional Plans

There's a whole lot more on the Waskesiu Recreation Renewalplan including adding a sport court, a picnic shelter, and improved pathways with benches. If you haven't yet supported, we'd gladly take a little 'green' out of your wallet! Donate Now.

Take a look at the Master Plan of the recreation area and see the location of Little AL's Mini Golf and other Recreation Area Renewal projects.

Gift ​Certificates are Available!

Leave message at 306-663-5410 to purchase gift certificates to Little AL's Mini Golf at Christmas or any time.

      $10 for adult game, or $80 for 10 adult game punch pass

      $  7 for youth game (ages 5-16,) or $60 for 10 youth game punch pass

      Or pick your own value

Little AL’s Mini Golf

We have so many generous people to thank including our Lead Donor - the Alan Vincent Hadley Logue Memorial Golf Tournament.

Alan Vincent Hadley Logue was a natural athlete and loved activities and sports of every kind, including golf. Alan was well known for his love of people – sharing a laugh and bringing light to all those around him. He could be seen puttering around Waskesiu in his van nicknamed ‘Little Al’ seeking out new adventure at every corner.

Alan’s journey of 22 years took an unexpected turn when he was diagnosed in May 2011 with Leukemia. Alan’s courage and optimism never left him as he faced treatment and hospitalization, though his time in this life came to an end on February 10, 2012.

In honour of Alan’s incredible spirit, his love of all physical activity, and his passion for people,  “Little AL’s Mini Golf” opened in the summer of 2018. Many thanks to the incredible tournament participants, supporters and fine folks of the Alan Vincent Hadley Logue Memorial Golf Tournament for their generosity and dedication to the Waskesiu community.

Hole Themes

  1. Legendary Lobstick (Lobstick tree)
  2. Wonderful Waskesiu (Waskesiu Lake/King Island)
  3. Pelican Paradise (Lavallée Lake/pelican)
  4. Indigenous Inspiration (tipi)
  5. Loons Laughing (loons on the lake)
  6. Winter Wonderland (x-country skiing)
  7. Westside Wilderness (west side of PANP/bison)
  8. Bagwa Brilliance (Bagwa canoe route)
  9. Natural Narrows (the Narrows)
  10. River Riffle (Waskesiu River)
  11. ​​Canoe Chaos (summer activities/canoe)
  12. Boreal Beauty (Forest/Treebeard Trail)
  13. Métis Memories (Figure 8)
  14. Bears and Birdies (Animals/bear/eagle)
  15. ​Crystal Clear Crean (Crean Lake/fish/islands)
  16. Sandy Shores (Beaches/sand castle)
  17. Signature Second (Lobstick golf course second hole bridge)
  18. Rawhide's Roost (Ajawaan Lake)