Future Projects

The Waskesiu Foundation is a community partner and successfully completed several projects within the Waskesiu Vision 2020 & Beyond Community Action Plan.

A subesequent plan was established in 2021 by the Waskesiu Community Council in consultation with stakeholders, resulting in the Waskesiu Vision 2028Community Action Plan.

Waskesiu's Community Council committed to identifying a mid-to-longer term Waskesiu “community vision" with input from our entire community. The results of that collaborative work are reflected in the Waskesiu Vision 2028 Community Action Plan, which is geared towards ensuring that Waskesiu continues to be, and is enhanced as, a vibrant, environmentally healthy, economically viable, and unique community.

Moreover, consistent with (and as a supplement to) the 2000 Waskesiu Community Plan, the Waskesiu Vision 2028 Community Action Plan is designed to inform, coordinate, and help guide the future planning process in Waskesiu.

Read the Waskesiu Vision 2028 Community Action Plan

Potential Future Waskesiu Foundation Projects

These are the key projects in the Vision 2028 Community Action Plan which involve the Waskesiu Foundation, either as a lead or as a partner:

  • Develop a revitalization plan for the Paul Horne Arena (to improve the facility and to also facilitate year-round activities)
  • Off-leash dog park
  • Develop a plan to replace (or to refurbish the interior of) the Recreation Centre building
  • Refurbish the existing pathway/trail between Kapasiwin and Waskesiu Drive
  • Design and develop a connecting pathway and related areas between Lakeview Drive and Waskesiu Drive
  • Investigate the construction of additional camp kitchens in the Waskesiu townsite and at outlying beaches/lakes
  • Investigate the potential construction of, or the acquisition of, a large community stage (permanent or mobile/collapsible)
  • Explore the feasibility of a trail connecting Waskesiu and Elk Ridge
  • Improve and develop additional thematic and informational signage, heritage/cultural identifiers
  • Assess options to install playground equipment in the townsite including potentially replacing the accessible toddler playground on the main beach
  • Develop Waskesiu’s 100 Year Anniversary Celebration Plan
  • Implement a community-wide “Waskesiu Legacy” planned giving program
  • Identify additional “Memorial” options in the townsite or the Park (e.g., more benches, memorial forest/model forest, donor wall, brick or masonry stone walking path, additional camp kitchens)
  • Undertake initiatives in Waskesiu that are designed to:
    a. help improve participation of Indigenous people in the Waskesiu Vision 2028 (and beyond) strategic planning process;
    b. help build and enhance relationships between Indigenous & non-Indigenous people (by increasing learning opportunities, understanding, and awareness)

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