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A registered charity supporting recreational, social, cultural and environmental activities that enhance the Waskesiu experience

Future Projects

The Waskesiu Foundation is a community partner supporting and participating in the Waskesiu Community Council's Waskesiu Vision 2020 & Beyond Community Action Plan.

Waskesiu's Community Council committed to identifying a mid-to-longer term Waskesiu “community vision" with input from our entire community, to be followed in due course by a Community Action Plan. The results of that collaborative work are reflected in the Vision 2020 & Beyond Community Action Plan, geared towards ensuring that Waskesiu continues to be, and is enhanced as, a vibrant, environmentally healthy, economically viable, and unique community.

Moreover, consistent with (and as a supplement to) the 2000 Waskesiu Community Plan, the Community Action Plan is designed to inform, coordinate, and help guide the future planning process in Waskesiu.

UPDATED JULY 2018 -  Vision 2020 & Beyond Community Action Plan Report. 

Read the complete Vision 2020 & Beyond Community Action Plan Presentation.

Potential Future Waskesiu Foundation Projects

These are the key projects in the Vision 2020 & Beyond Community Action Plan which involve the Waskesiu Foundation:

  • Enhancement of the Nature Centre Interpretive Trail (i.e. from the Nature Centre to the main beach playground);
  • Recreation Area Renewal Phase 2 - Develop a plan to revitalize the Paul Horne Arena to facilitate year round activities, benches, rec building enhancements;
  • Develop an improved/expanded Waskesiu trail network;
  • Plan, develop and construct a community gathering area (e.g. elevated stage/shelter);
  • Townsite centre beautification and revitalization program (e.g. flowers, lights, signage, clean-up);
  • Continue and if possible, expand the urban reforestation program
  • Off-leash dog park

    Additional Projects
  • Pedestrian hub and walkway between Waskesiu Drive and Lakeview Drive
  • Upgrades to Community Hall