Waskesiu Foundation - Enhancing the Waskesiu Experience

A registered charity supporting recreational, social, cultural and environmental activities that enhance the Waskesiu experience

Current Projects

Current projects represent our immediate need at any given time. They are the larger projects that cannot be financed from funds on hand.  The current projects will be posted by name from time to time in the drop-down field called "Fund" on the on-line donation form. An example is Recreation Renewal/Mini-Golf.

Types of Funds

Gifts made by credit card or by cheque may be designated to one of three funds: Where Needed Most, Current Projects or Endowment Fund.

The information provided is general in nature and is not intended to represent tax or legal advice. We understand that each individual’s financial circumstances are unique and you are advised to consult with a qualified professional advisor.

Endowment Fund  NEW

The Endowment Fund supports the Waskesiu Foundation in a unique way. The key difference is that your donated principal remains forever intact and invested. The Foundation uses only the interest earned, making this a predictable, dependable source of annual income. Your Endowment Fund donation could benefit your grandchildren and even their grandchildren – a donation that lasts more than a lifetime. 

Long term planning is absolutely vital to the continued success of the Waskesiu Foundation. In order to maintain funding levels, the Foundation needs predictable, dependable sources of income. Endowments provide exactly this kind of long term funding.

The Endowment Fund will be managed by the Waskesiu Foundation’s Board of Directors and investment advisors adhering to the Foundation’s Investment Policy Statement.

Your gift to the Endowment Fund can be cash or in-kind gifts such as stocks, bonds or mutual funds. You get a tax receipt for the full amount of the donation. When donating on-line, select 'Endowment' from the drop down field called "Fund".

Where Needed Most

A gift "Where Needed Most" will used by the Waskesiu Foundation at its discretion  to put your gift to its best use. The Foundation may designate gifts to upcoming large projects, or smaller projects that do not require additional fundraising. When donating on-line, select 'Where Needed Most' from the drop down field called "Fund".

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