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A registered charity supporting recreational, social, cultural and environmental activities that enhance the Waskesiu experience

Gifts-in-Kind Policy

This Policy was formulated to ensure that The Waskesiu Foundation Inc. (“WFI”) complies with our legal obligations under the Income Tax Act (Canada) and the policies of the Canada Revenue Agency that apply to registered charities in Canada. Gifts of services do not qualify for a charitable tax receipt - only property other than cash such as equipment, shares or land.

As such, WFI will gratefully accept non-cash donations (described in this Policy as “gifts-in-kind”) if:

1) The gift-in-kind is useful and needed;
2) The gift-in-kind is in good condition;
3) The gift-in-kind can be converted to cash at no expense to WFI;
4) The gift-in kind can be readily sold or utilized in an approved WFI project.

For gifts-in-kind under $1,000: 

  • An original bill of sale can be used to prove the value of the item. 
  • The bill of sale is to be provided by the donor.

For gifts-in-kind over $1,000: 

  • An independent appraiser must be used to determine the value of the item. 
  • The cost associated with an appraiser is the responsibility of the donor. 
  • Donors cannot self-appraise their gift.

The name of the donor, mailing address of the donor and a complete description of the gift-in-kind must be provided (
see Appendix A). 

The donor of a gift-in-kind is also required to sign the Deed of Gift acknowledging, among other things, that the donor has made an unrestricted gift to The Waskesiu Foundation (see Appendix B).