Shack tent at Waskesiu Heritage Museum

Waskesiu's fitness park in action

Beaver and lodge for mini golf hole18

Waskesiu Golf Course Club House

Bear and mini-golf hole under construction

Community Message Centre May 2017

Current Projects

Waskesiu Foundation inc. Current Projects

Waskesiu Recreation Area Renewal

Recreation facilities are one of the cornerstones of the Waskesiu experience. The Waskesiu Foundation, the Waskesiu Recreation Association, the Waskesiu Chamber of Commerce, Parks Canada Agency and the Waskesiu Community Council, are all working collaboratively to revitalize Waskesiu’s recreation facilities. The Waskesiu Recreation Area Renewal is also identified by the community as a key project within Waskesiu's "Vision 2020 and Beyond" Community Action Plan.

The Waskesiu Recreation Association is a newly constituted, volunteer driven, non-profit organization responsible for Waskesiu’s recreation facilities and activities, and also leads, or assists with, many of the prominent events that have made Waskesiu a destination for so many.

Short term objectives:

  • Finalizing a "Master Plan"[Completed in summer 2017] for the area bounded by Montreal Drive and Waskesiu Drive to include:
    • Planning landscaping for the entire recreation area
    • identifying new activities and related facilities for the recreation area, with possibilities including  volleyball, basketball, bocce ball, badminton, fitness/yoga, shuffleboard. tetherball, etc.
  • Refurbishing and relocating the dilapidated multi-use sport court
  • Adding a fitness park [Completed in summer 2018 ]
  • Adding a picnic shelter
  • Installing a new 18 hole mini-golf course that reflects the unique character of Waskesiu and Prince Albert National Park. Imagine a first hole with a Lobstick tree in the middle! Or navigate your ball around a family of loons or pelicans, a rail cart or canoe, or re-created natural challenges like beaches and beaver dams. Construction began in fall 2017, completed summer 2018. See photos of construction progess in our  gallery.
  • Working with the Waskesiu Chamber of Commerce to install a "community message centre" at the corner of Montreal Drive and Waskesiu Drive to better inform the community about events, programs and facilities[Completed in 2017]
  • Converting two tennis courts to multi-use as tennis and pickle ball courts [Completed in 2016]
  • Refurbishing the horseshoe pits

Mid to longer-term objectives:

  • Replacing/installing benches and pathways around the recreation grounds
  • Repairing and renovating the existing recreation building (located near the tennis courts)
  • Repairing and upgrading the Paul Horne Arena for year round use

What’s already been done?

  • Receiving financial support from Parks Canada Agency, the Waskesiu Community Council, and the Waskesiu Foundation
  • Resurfacing of tennis courts and addition of pickle ball lines
  • Installing the new "community message centre" at Montreal Drive and Waskesiu Drive
  • Completing tree carving and WRA kiosk / donor kiosk
  • Opening the mini-golf course on July 1, 2018
  • Installing and dedicating the Gordie Howe Memorial Fitness Park
  • Finalizing the Master Plan

Phased approach - next steps:

  • Prioritizing and scheduling remaining items in the Master Plan -
    sport court, picnic shelter,  and improved pathways with benches

Why renew Waskesiu's aging recreation facilities?

  • Improves the recreational offering, and reinforces Waskesiu as Saskatchewan's premiere family
    vacation destination

  • Advances Waskesiu's Vision 2020 & Beyond process and Community Action Plan
  • Provides an important new revenue stream. Revenue will be shared between donations to the Waskesiu Foundation and improved recreational programs/facilities by the Waskesiu Recreation Association, including the projects listed above
  • The new mini-golf course and upgraded sport court facilities will:
    • be visually appealing, safe and available to all ages and levels of fitness
    • be wheelchair accessible
    • provide activities that residents and visitors can enjoy anytime, including during evenings and on "non-beach/lake days"
  • Improved recreation facilities help provide economic benefit to business operators within the Waskesiu townsite and supports Parks Canada’s mandate to increase visitation and revenue

How will this project become a reality?

  • Make your tax deductible donation here and specify Waskesiu Recreation Renewal/mini-golf.
  • Charitable receipts will be issued for donations of $25 or more
  • A robust donor recognition framework includes various benefits

Want more information? Please
contact us and we will be happy to discuss any of our projects with you. 

High Speed Internet Service for Waskesiu in 2018

SaskTel DSL high speed internet is available in Waskesiu for seasonal residents and businesses! The Community Council, Parks Canada and SaskTel signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in mid-December 2017 where SaskTel agreed to have the DSL High Speed Internet service up and running, which was completed on July 25, 2018. ''See the details here.

Fitness Park

The Waskesiu Foundation partnered with the Waskesiu Recreation Association to construct an outdoor fitness park on the WRA grounds in June 2018. Enjoy the same activities as you do at your gym at home to stay fit. It is complemented by a set of fitness accessories including things like kettle balls, battle ropes, climbing ropes gymnastic rings, and athletic bands. Whether you like box jumps, med ball throws, ab crunches, pull-ups, skinning the cat or pistol squats, you can do it all here.

If you would like to learn from a certified personal trainer, come to the fitness park on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:00 AM or 7:30 PM between August 2 -23 for a guided full body circuit training workout with Angie Carriere. No experience needed.  Call Angie at 306-270-9649 for more information on workouts

There will be a dedication ceremony at 1 PM on August 5, following a book signing of "Nine Lesson I Learned  From My Father" by author Murray Howe, son of hockey star Gordie Howe. He will unveil a plaque naming the facility as the Gordie Howe Memorial Fitness Park. Gordie Howe's favourite place on earth was Waskesiu. He spent years here working at the Waskesiu Golf Course and fishing with his on-ice rival Johnnie Bower. The fitness park will be a tribute to Mr. Hockey, who in life symbolized the best in physical fitness, human kindness, humility and compassion.

Crean Lake Day Use Area - New Camp Kitchen

The Waskesiu Foundation and Parks Canada Agency are partnering to build a multi-season camp kitchen for 2019 at the new day use area on the site of the former Crean Lake warden cabin at the mouth of the Channel from the Heart Lakes into Crean Lake. It is acccessible by boat in the summer and by the Crean cross-country ski trail in the winter.  The area will also have signange commemorating the warden service in the park.

The new camp kitchen will be the same plan as the multi-season camp kitvhen near the main beach in Waskesiu, as pictured to the right. 

Shack Tent Replacement

We are pleased to have partnered with the Waskesiu Heritage Museum and replaced  the Shack Tent, its key exhibit. The existing Shack Tent had deteriorated to the point where it could no longer be repaired, and the Waskesiu Foundation funded the purchase of materials to replace it. The new Shack Tent was built off-site with volunteer labour, moved in pieces to Waskesiu and assemebled in June 2018.

Trophy Shelves at Waskesiu Golf Course Club House

In partnership with the Lobstick Golf Club at the Waskesiu Golf Course,  a trophy shelf was added to the Clubhouse in August 2017 to properly display the trophies that represent some memorable golf played on this renowned golf course.

Waskesiu Fire Department Breathing Apparatus

In partnership with Parks Canada and a donation from the RCMP golf tournament, the Waskesiu Foundation helped to fund the purchase of two newer breathing apparatus.

Multi-season camp kitchen similar to planned camp kitchen at Crean Lake

Waskesiu Fire Dept. Breathing Apparatus

The mini-golf course will contribute to the Waskesiu experience.

Net profits generated will be shared between donations to the Waskesiu Foundation and improved recreational programs and facilities by the Waskesiu Recreational  Association, including mid to longer-term projects listed here.

A charitable organization supporting recreational, social, cultural and environmental activities that enhance the Waskesiu experience

Waskesiu Foundation - Enhancing the Waskesiu Experience

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