​Multi-Year Waskesiu Recreation Area Renewal Continues

Recreation facilities are one of the cornerstones of the Waskesiu experience. The Waskesiu Foundation, the Waskesiu Recreation Association, Parks Canada Agency and the Waskesiu Community Council, are all working collaboratively to revitalize Waskesiu’s recreation facilities. Completing the Waskesiu Recreation Area Renewal is also identified by the community as a key project within Waskesiu's "Vision 2020 and Beyond" Community Action Plan.


The Waskesiu Recreation Association is a volunteer driven, non-profit organization responsible for Waskesiu’s recreation facilities and activities, and also leads, or assists with, many of the prominent events that have made Waskesiu a popular destination for so many.


Short term objectives already completed:

  1. Resurfaced six tennis courts and converted two of them to multi-use as tennis and pickle ball courts [Completed in 2016]
  2. "Master Plan" [Completed in 2017] for the area bounded by Montreal Drive and Waskesiu Drive, featuring:
    • Landscaping plan
    • New activities and related facilities
  3. Community Message Board [Completed in 2017] at the corner of Montreal Drive and Waskesiu Drive to better inform the community about events, programs and facilities
  4. Gordie Howe Memorial Fitness Park [Completed in 2018]
  5. Athletic tile flooring for the Gordie Howe Memorial Fitness Park [Completed in 2019]
  6. 18 hole mini-golf course [Completed in 2018] that reflects the unique character of Waskesiu and Prince Albert National Park. See photos in ourgallery.
  7. Tree carvings [Completed in 2018 and 2020]
  8. WRA kiosk / donor kiosk [Completed in 2018]
  9. Refurbished horseshoe pits in the Waskesiu Day Use Area [Completed in 2018]
  10. Multi-use sport court for basketball, volleyball, floor hockey, soccer/futsal, and dodgeball [Completed in 2020]
  11. Shuffleboard court with specifically engineered shuffleboard tiles and benches on either end ​[Completed in 2020 in memory of Norma McConaghy]
  12. New picnic shelter / pavilion sponsored by the Reel Rave International Film Festival [Completed in 2020]
  13. FireSmart tree management [Completed in 2020]
  14. New and refurbished pathways [Completed in 2020]
  15. Outdoor (permanent) table tennis [Completed in 2021]
  16. Outdoor foosball [Completed in 2021]
  17. Outdoor giant chess/checkers [Completed in 2021]
  18. Christopher Ridsdale Children's Ninja Park [Completed in 2021]


Objectives to be completed in 2021-22:

  1. Refurbished lawn bowling green sponsored by the Hesje family in honour of Stanley Thomson
  2. Beach volleyball court  
  3. New benches

Mid to longer-term objectives:

  • Repairing and renovating the existing recreation building (located near the tennis courts)
  • Repairing and upgrading the Paul Horne Arena for year round use 


Why renew Waskesiu's aging recreation facilities?

  • Improves the recreational offering, and reinforces Waskesiu as Saskatchewan's premiere family vacation destination
  • Advances Waskesiu's Vision 2020 & Beyond process and Community Action Plan
  • Provides an important new revenue stream. Revenue will be shared between donations to the Waskesiu Foundation and improved recreational programs/facilities by the Waskesiu Recreation Association, including the projects listed above
  • The new mini-golf course and upgraded sport court facilities will:
    • be visually appealing, safe and available to all ages & levels of fitness
    • provide activities that residents and visitors can enjoy anytime, including during evenings and on "non-beach/lake days"
  • Improved recreation facilities help provide economic benefit to business operators within the Waskesiu townsite and supports Parks Canada’s mandate to increase visitation and revenue


How can you support the Recreation Area Renewal?

  • Make your tax deductible donation here and specify Waskesiu Recreation Renewal
  • Charitable receipts will be issued for donations of $25 or more
Battery Operated Tools - Waskesiu Fire Department

Fire Chief Les Karpluk has an important wish list this year - lightweight & compact battery operated tools so that firefighters can be best equipped to protect life, property and the environment in Waskesiu.

​Currently, aging gas operated equipment is loaded on the fire truck. This equipment is bulky and heavy, making it difficult to use while taking up valuable compartment space. The gas powered chainsaws are difficult to start and operate plus require mixed fuel and ongoing maintenance. The gas operated generator used solely to power portable emergency floodlights takes up tremendous space and would be unnecessary with a move to battery powered LED floodlights. The positive pressure fan used to clear a structure of heat and smoke requires two firefighters to properly deploy and set it up due to its weight, plus is so noisy that radio communications can't be heard by firefighters during its operation.

During an emergency situation, all pieces of equipment need to be dependable and easy to use. The wish list of battery operated equipment is:

  • 2 x Power Tower Lights: these lights extend to over 5 feet in height but stow to a compact 22 inches in length and can run for 26 hours on a dual battery system. These lights would replace the floodlights on the Pumper cab.
  • 2 x Flood Lights and 1 x Search Light Kit: for emergency lighting
  • 1 x Metal Cut-Off Saw, 1 x Cut-Off Saw Kit and 1 x Metal Cut-Off Blade: used to cut through chains, metal doors and more to gain access to a structure. The Fire Department doesn't currently have a forcible entry tool to cut through steel. The cut-off saw would replace the existing gas powered cutters edge chainsaw.
  • 1 x Chainsaw: to cut through hardwoods and would replace the gas operated chainsaw. This battery operated chainsaw cuts faster than gas and delivers up to 150 cuts per battery charge.
  • 1 x Chainsaw Conversion Kit: this kit is necessary to ensure quick access through a roof to ventilate or use to check for fire extension
  • 1 x Rapid Charger, 6 x Batteries, 1 x Toolbox: to charge and stow batteries
  • 1 x Positive Pressure Fan: lightweight fan which runs on two batteries that can be set up and operated by one firefighter

Equipment that is easy to start, operate and store will improve firefighter efficiency in emergency situations which directly impacts the overall health and safety in the Waskesiu community

With a total price tag of $19,200, this equipment is impossible to fund through the Waskesiu Fire Department's annual operating budget. We're really thankful for the $5,000 that was donated initially and for Parks Canada who will be contributing $4,000 leaving $10,200 left to be raised.

We're ecstatic to report the Waskesiu community was fully behind this important initiative. Thanks to donors, partners and friends like you, the $19,200 needed to purchase this equipment has been fully funded plus an additional $6,039.80 was donated for an astounding grand total of $25,239.80

Donations of $6,039.80 above the project goal will be put to good use for future needs of the Waskesiu Fire Department like self contained breathing apparatus sets (SCBA) - two of which were recently taken out of service and are in need of replacement. An SCBA is the mask, tank regulator and carrying pack all firefighters require while working in areas of immediate danger to health & safety.​

"Canoe Chaos" mini golf hole - Little AL's Mini Golf course was completed in 2018. For more information on mini golf, click here

Fire Chief Les Karpluk

Sport court construction was completed in fall 2020. More project details here

Current Projects

Waskesiu Foundation inc. Current Projects

Example of floating dock.

Outdoor table tennis

Christopher Ridsdale Children's Ninja Park

Shuffleboard construction was completed in fall 2020.

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