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A charitable organization supporting recreational, social, cultural and environmental activities that enhance the Waskesiu experience

Tax Credit Information

Did you know that donations to registered charitable organizations like the Waskesiu Foundation can reduce your income taxes payable? The tax credit is calculated as a percentage of the donation, and varies depending on the province in which you live.

To see the tax credit available to you,
click here to go the Canada Revenue Agency’s calculator.

The Waskesiu Foundation Inc. will issue charitable receipts for gifts $25 or over.

Our Charitable Registration number is 872159074 - RR0001.

Are you a first time donor to a charity?

Qualifying first time donors can receive additional tax credits. For donations made after March 20, 2013, qualifying first time donors may receive an additional federal tax credit of 25% on the first $1,000 of monetary donations, over and above the amounts provided in the calculator above. For details, go to Canada Revenue Agency’s
First-Time Donor's Super Credit.

Watch this short video to see how a qualifying first time donor can receive a $242 tax credit on a $500 donation.

Save capital gains taxes on in-kind donations of securities

If you donated certain types of capital property to a registered charity or other qualified donee, you may not have to include in your income any amount of capital gain realized on such gifts. You may be entitled to an inclusion rate of zero on any capital gain realized on such gifts:

  • A share of the capital stock of a mutual fund corporation;
  • A unit of a mutual fund trust;
  • An interest in a related segregated fund trust;
  • A prescribed debt obligation (for example, government savings bond);
  • Ecologically sensitive land (including a covenant, an easement, or in the case of land in Quebec, a real servitude) donated to a qualified donee other than a private foundation where conditions are met; and
  • A share, debt obligation, or right (for example, security/stock option) listed on a designated stock exchange.

Note this does not apply if you sell the securities and donate the proceeds. To qualify, the securities must be donated In-Kind and the Foundation then sells them. 
Click here for
more information from the Canada Revenue Agency.

The information provided is general in nature and is not intended to represent tax or legal advice. We understand that each individual’s financial circumstances are unique and you are advised to consult with a qualified professional advisor.

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