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A registered charity supporting recreational, social, cultural and environmental activities that enhance the Waskesiu experience


Parks Canada is gradually restoring visitor access and visitor services starting June 1, focusing on autonomous day use of trails, grounds, and other outdoor settings.

Facilities and services opening on June 1 in Prince Albert National Park:

  • Motorized vehicle access to all park roads (excluding Kingsmere Road past the Hanging Heart Lakes turnoff)
  • Park entrance gate kiosks for information only 
  • Small beach house washroom by the community hall 
  • Most day-use trails 
  • Most day-use areas and beaches, including outhouses but excluding kitchen shelters 
  • Non-motorized recreational use on Waskesiu Lake and River, Hanging Heart Lakes, Amiskowan, Shady Lake, and Spruce River
  • Recreational boating on Waskesiu Lake, Hanging Heart Lakes
  • Fishing on Waskesiu Lake, Hanging Heart Lakes (2nd and 3rd lakes only) and Shady Lake

Facilities in Prince Albert National Park that remain closed:

  • Visitor Centre 
  • Other than the small beach house washroom and outhouses in day use areas, most washrooms and all shower facilities
  • Playground at Waskesiu main beach
  • Kingsmere Road, Kingsmere River, Kingsmere Lake
  • Crean Lake
  • All camping facilities, including Sandy Lake, Namekus Lake, and backcountry camping
  • Some trails: Elk, Hunters Lake, Crean, Narrows Peninsula, Kingsmere River, and Grey Owl
  • Some day-use areas: Meridian, Paspiwin, South Gate (across from Paspiwin) Sandy Lake and Namekus
  • Viewing towers at Height of Land and Spruce River Trail
  • All kitchen shelters 
  • All fish shacks

​​For more information on the latest updates regarding Prince Albert National Park and the Waskesiu Townsite, visit the links below.