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Photo © Parks Canada/Prince Albert National Park

Photo © Parks Canada/Prince Albert National Park

Photo © Parks Canada/Prince Albert National Park

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​COVID-19 & PANP Updates

Sun days are fun days...but remember to stay safe - Prince Albert National Park​​
We know that more than ever, people are looking to spend time outdoors close to home. Prince Albert National Park provides opportunities to do so.

Parks Canada continues to follow the advice and guidance of public health experts in offering visitor access and services this year. We are working hard to ensure that a safe, clean, healthy and enjoyable experience is available to visitors.

Summer is the season of swimming, grilling, beaches and connecting with friends and family —it has the power to bring us back to the carefree days of our childhood and provide memory-making adventures for our own kids.

Visiting Prince Albert National Park on a weekday ensures more space to roam 

Visiting Prince Albert National Park mid-week instead of on weekends (Friday to Sunday) and statutory holidays in the summer season ensures that visitors have space to enjoy all that the park has to offer. There are many weekday opportunities available in Prince Albert National Park this summer! Visit the park and enjoy our top eight experiences:

  1. Explore the wilderness of the park with a hike or bike on a trail. Check out trails on Street View before your visit to get a feel for surrounding flora and trail difficulty, and check the trail conditions before you head out.
  2. Bring a paddleboard, canoe or kayak to paddle on the lake and embrace the shimmering of water, the sights and sounds of the lake and surroundings, and the buoyant feeling of being on the water.
  3. Spend the morning or afternoon on the water reeling it in! Bring fishing equipment and jig for walleye or cast a line to catch a pike. Fishing is fun for both the new and experienced visitor and park fishing licenses are available at the visitor centre, entry gates, campground kiosks and marinas.
  4. Bring lawn chairs, picnic items and beach toys to a one of the many beaches in the park and enjoy warm beach sand, cool refreshing water, and the shelter of shoreline trees!
  5. As you walk the paths of Waskesiu, look down, around and up! Plants aren’t just a background of green, but are individual species that have a long history of being used by the peoples of this region. Keep an eye out for Botanical Ramble, an interpretive program of sidewalk chalk words and art that names plants around town in English, French, and Cree. As you admire, think about how the boreal forest is a place to clear your mind, mend your body, and take care of your spirit.
  6. Get off the beaten track and stay at one of our three outlying unreservable campgrounds on a first-come, first-served basis! For camping information on Narrows, Namekus and Sandy Lakes campgrounds contact the visitor centre at 1-306-663-4522 or email pc.princealbertinfo.pc@canada.ca.
  7. Take a *moment* to look back as you encounter round *Heritage Moments* signs on buildings in Waskesiu! Scan the code on the signs with your phone for neat historical tidbits about your location. Do just one as you wander town or hunt up a few using the brochure, available at the Waskesiu Heritage Museum, open every day in July and August from 10 am to 6 pm!
  8. Visit the Waskesiu recreation grounds for family fun! Season Family Passes, for two adults and everyone 18 and under in the same household, allow the use of ALL the recreation facilities and equipment with the exception of mini-golf.  NEW in 2021 is a completed sports court, outdoor ping pong, foosball, shuffleboard and a giant chessboard to entertain all ages! Please contact wrawaskesiu@gmail.com or call 306-663-5410 for more information.

To prepare for safe summer days, here are some simple reminders:

  • Stay cool in the heat: Keep cool and hydrated and minimize your time in the sun between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Drink plenty of water, find shade, visit cool buildings, slow down, bathe in cool water and wear light-coloured clothing. Never leave children or pets inside a parked vehicle. More sun safety tips here
  • Wear the right helmet:  Everyone is encouraged to wear a helmet when cycling, inline skating and skateboarding. Unlike bicycle helmets, skateboard headgear is also designed to protect against multiple falls, whereas bicycle helmets should be replaced after one crash. Visit the Canada Safety Council for more information.
  • When thunder roars, go indoors: Stay inside for at least 30 minutes after the last rumble of thunder. If you can hear thunder, you can get hit by lightning. Take shelter immediately in a sturdy, fully enclosed building with wiring and plumbing. If no solid building is available, you can take shelter in a metal-roofed vehicle. Read more about severe summer weather.
  • Stay safe while camping: If strong winds, hail or a tornado is developing while you are camping in a tent or tent-trailer, move to the closest building or a hard-topped vehicle. Make every effort to get to a suitable shelter.  If no shelter is available, seek refuge deep in a thick stand of trees in the lowest-lying area. Environment Canada has more summer weather safety tips.
  • Make a (safe) splash: Never leave a child unattended in water, not even for a second.  Pick the best time of the day to swim and avoid swimming at night and in stormy weather. The Canadian Red Cross offers tips for all kinds of water activities such as lakes, water parks, backyard pools and hot tubs.

Get Prepared for additional tips on this hot topic.

Keeping the “wild” in wildlife

Prince Albert National Park is a great place to view wildlife in their natural habitat. With a vast range of recreational opportunities and camping experiences set in a wilderness full of elk, deer, fox, waterfowl and black bears, it is important to 
keep people and wildlife safe. Wildlife find their healthiest food in their natural environment and once they become accustomed to being fed by people, they stop looking for their natural foods and are no longer “wild”.

In national parks across Canada, it is illegal to feed wildlife. It is also important to reduce the chance of these animals getting into pet food, coolers, storage containers, barbecues and other items that have a strong smell. Visitors are encouraged to store items with an odor in vehicles, bear caches when in the backcountry or in bear-proof garbage and recycling containers provided throughout the park.

More information is available from the Visitor Centre and upon check-in at campgrounds. 
You are in Black Bear Country and Visitor Safety provide detailed wildlife safety information visitors can read when planning their trip to the national park.

Family memories begin here!
Prince Albert National Park is the ideal family destination. Need more ideas? Get inspired with these family-friendly activities:

  • Get off the beaten track!​ Take a family walk in the park! In Waskesiu, visit the Botanical Ramble Chalk Walk along the path between the main beach and the Nature Centre and learn the Cree, French, and English names of plants. For an experience deeper in the park, enjoy a hike on Boundary BogMud Creek and Treebeard Trails! Pick up an interpretive brochure at the trailhead and follow the numbers on the trail to learn more about its unique features.
  • Interpretive programs are available every day in summer! Explore the website, visit the Prince Albert National Park Visitor Center or keep an eye out for on-site posters for more information (COVID guidelines apply).

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Protect waterways from aquatic invasive species: Clean, Drain, Dry!
Aquatic invasive species threaten aquatic habitats, fisheries and valuable recreational resources. Parks Canada is informing visitors to prevent aquatic invasive species such as zebra mussels from entering waterways.

Visitors are asked to clean, drain, dry their watercrafts and water toys. These items include motorboats, canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, inflatables water toys, sand toys; anything that goes in the water. Parks Canada and the Province of Saskatchewan are working together to monitor for aquatic invasive species. 
More information.

Prince Albert National Park Visitor Centre
Contact the 
Visitor Centre to learn more about activities in Prince Albert National Park at (306) 663-4522 or pc.princealbertinfo.pc@canada.ca.

Please check 
Important Bulletins when planning a visit to the park.

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Buoyed Swim Area at Paignton Beach Has Moved - Prince Albert National Park Update June 9, 2021:

​To allow for safe boating and swimming, the buoyed swimming area at Paignton Beach has moved. The size of the swimming area remains the same. Please park boats on either side of the swimming area.